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April 7, 2016
Optimise Internal Website Pages
Optimise Internal Website Pages

A common myth is that your website homepage is the most important and the only page web visitors land on, and therefore should be the focus of the design and optimisation.

More and more potential ‘customers’ are going straight to specific pages on your website from search results rather than landing on the homepage as they are becoming much more educated in the techniques of searching online.

As an example, instead of Googling ‘Palmerston North accommodation’ as a search term and then sifting through websites to find the ideal one for them, users are now utilizing more defined keywords e.g. “ Luxury accommodation with swimming pool in Palmerston North, which will then direct the user often to a specific internal page – perhaps in this case the facilities page of a website – as their landing page and then they make their way to the homepage.

So it is beneficial for your internal pages to be as optimised and have a strong focus in your website as much as the home page.

Are you missing potential sales because your internal pages are not optimised? Contact us for a chat!

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